Walking Thinking Walking

The Fringe exhibition “Walking Thinking Walking” is currently showing at the Hughes Gallery, Fullarton Park Centre, 411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton. Open Daily 10.00am-4.00pm.

My work explores how the environment and its rhythms affect our behaviour.

Rhythm is found in urban life and movement. In all biological life forms, and the pulses of our bodies such as heart rate, breathing and pace of walking. The experiment into rhythm provides me with much insight into the workings of everyday life.


The work in this exhibition reflects my experience of rhythms produced through walking in both the urban and country contexts. My recent time as an Artist in Residence at Cleland Wildlife Park allowed me to observe the effects of the wildlife in their environment, most specifically snakes.


“Red Bellied Black Snake” is a series of one hundred small canvas panels that looks at the key to snakes agility and how their movements differ according to the surface on which they slither or ripple. The digital piece “Mesmerised” brings to light the common fear of snakes and reflects our own body’s reaction to them.


My work is a continual experimentation into manipulating and cross referencing between different mediums. Computer technologies, painting and photography, together inform my ideas of rhythm. Ultimately, though it is the idea that determines the most appropriate medium for the message


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