Artist in Residency at the Cleland Wildlife Park

My residency in Adelaide’sĀ  Mt Lofty Ranges Cleland WiIld Life Park has been a very valuable experience. For the month of November, I have walked the trails, talked to people from all over the world and listened to their stories. I have engagedĀ  children visiting the Outback Centre in the progress and processes of the work.

As a Walking Artist, my role has extended beyond being just an observer of natural rhythms to being an active participant in natural rhythmic processes within a bushland setting.

The use of GPS technologies to track my body’s ambulations through the walking trails have provided my with new and innovative linear trajectories that I can incorporate into paintings and installation work. These trails reflect the interrelationship between environmental rhythms with those of my own body. All these provided an interconnectedness with the natural environment.

Having been in close proximity to the reptiles in the Ocean to Outback Centre has changed the way I think about snakes. My feeling of fear and dread have become one of fascination and healthy respect for them. I have witnessed much anxiety in the constant stream of visitors to the Park. This has led to an exploration into the impact of myth, legend, religious and cultural belief on human behaviour.

The work that has resulted has become more about experience of the world about me and less about objects. You will be able to see this transformation in my solo exhibition “Thinking Walking Thinking” in next year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival.


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