Lois Turner - Walking Artist


My work explores the interrelationship between rhythms within the environment with those of my walking body. The use of GPS technologies and a heart rate monitor record my ambulatory manouevres.  My walking pace, breathing, pulse rate and blood pressure readings are compared to the rate pf elevations over varying terrains. Unexpected events while negotiating the terrain are also documented and  incorporated into my paintings and digital works.

For the month of November 2013, I worked as Artist in Residence in Cleland Wild Life Park. Situated in Adelaide’s Mt Lofty Ranges, the natural bushland and native fauna and flora have provided an ideal setting for my work on environmental rhythms and their connectedness to human behaviour.

During that time, I worked in close proximity to the housed reptiles in the Ocean to Outback Centre. Here I became acutely aware of the prevalence of fear and dread of snakes amongst the visitors to the Park. This led to researching the myths and legends surrounding reptiles throughout history.  The residency has  instigated new work,  new ideas and new art practices that have transformed me from being a passive observer of rhythms to being an active participant in rhythmical processes.

She was a finalist in the Advertiser Business S A Contemporary Art Prize for 2009, 2010 and 2012.



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